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From Lobster Mac and Cheese to Filet Mignon to Caprese Stuffed Chicken, they're a step above your usual weeknight dinner, without being crazy-hard to make. For more Valentine's Day ideascheck out our Valentine's Day desserts and date night dinner faves. Get the recipe from Delish.

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October 17, 30 Comments. Girl, where have you been? Let me fill you in on life real quick….

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Save some money this weekend by opting to stay home and cook a delicious meal for the perfect date night. These super easy recipes that will impress any date, without breaking the bank. From a homemade cocktail to some perfect main course options, browse through for seven recipes to cook up for your significant other this weekend.

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There are foods that can sharpen your vision, improve your memory, and yes, boost your sex drive. In other words, you kind of are what you eat. The ingredients in these easy aphrodisiac recipes will open up your senses and release chemicals that will amp up your sensuality. The meals aren't so heavy that they'll impair your performance, or so complicated that they'll stress you out and distract you from your honorable intention to get laid.

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There are beautiful vegan cookbooks and poetic ones, serene ones and uber-cool ones. It's funny, it has sass and some good-natured crass, and it's filled with hearty vegan dishes that rely on easily-obtainable ingredients and require minimal cooking skills. If you're looking for soft-focused shots of pea shoots, this isn't the book for you--if you want recipes for substantial vegan fare that are more comfort than highfalutin, read on.

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All you have to do is read it, buy some ingredients, invite your date over and then let the sweet-ass food you make charm them right out of their clothing. As long as you chew with your mouth closed, make interesting conversation and get out of the way of the budding romance, trust me, you should be golden. So… you ready to learn how to make a dinner that qualifies as foreplay?

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I agree that boneless skinless can be a little dull, but chicken has an amazing ability to reinvent itself. These recipes are proof that chicken can be, well, sexy! The tarragon takes center stage and along with Marsala wine and cream makes an elegant, European style dish.

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Forget the five-course prix fixe menus. Skip the overcrowded, overpriced restaurants. This Valentine's Day, show your lovin' with a home-cooked meal that will get the ol' libido going.

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Loved, loved, loved this! The seasonings are classic and perfect but it was the cooking method that particularly impressed me. I generally prepare shrimp this way in a skillet on the stove top,

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Looking for a special dinner for two? First, pan-sear one big steak to share. Then, while the steak rests, use the fat rendered behind in the skillet to sear smashed paprika-spiced potatoes to crispy, golden perfection. Nduja, a spicy salami now produced domestically, blends cured pork fat and chiles in a spreadable, meltable consistency.


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