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While the preponderance of nude figures are there for totally artistic reasons, the catalogue of naked humans turns out to be a pretty good representation of people from the past. As the thinking goes, lifestyle, longevity and other factors have made the cancer much more prevalent in the industrial age. But recent research is showing that the disease was quite common all the way back to antiquity.

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Prices in your local currency are based on the current USD conversion rates and are subject to change. The objectives of the paintings are two subjects of life: personal and health. If one doesn't work, the other one follows.

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There are loads of ways getting creative can help with your mental health. Feeling inspired, doing something with your hands, creating something just for yourself — all wonderful things. One art student has found a way to focus the therapeutic benefits of art on body confidence… by running breast-painting workshops.

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Photo: turtlekiss. Artistic expression takes many forms, and it is shameful that, on occasion, the way in which an artist chooses to create their artwork can cause controversy or innuendo, simply because it is an unusual method. One such artist, who has quite undeservedly been vilified in some sections of the press, is American painter Kira Ayn Varszegi, who chooses to paint some of her work by applying paint directly to her breasts, which she then presses against the canvas.

It took me a year to finish this art piece. Simply because, I have to stare at it for a long time every time its on my easel stand. I started working on it as a mix media piece, creating the textures with the use of threads and yarns.

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Every year, a new edition starts but two main objectives remain the same: on one hand, they try to raise awareness about the importance of preventive breast screeningsattempting to erase the taboo and the stigma; on the other hand, they raise funds to help women affected by breast cancer. For this project to work, they have the invaluable help of a big group of volunteersformed by photographers, artists, and models mostly woman who have not been affected by breast cancer. The first step is early in the year, around February, and consists on a photo shoot session, then the artists work with those photos to create something new. Once this is done, many exhibitions are held during the year and most of them are not set in art galleries, but in spots where they can reach a wider and more varied audience, like the hall of a hospital, cultural centers and neighborhood associations.

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My art is meant to be intimate,erotic, explorative and unique with a hint of whimsy. Chaotic yet contained abstraction. My art is considered Gestural Abstract Expressionism.

Years in fact. I grew up taking classes at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Artand took every art class I could find each summer and at every school I attended. But when I had to make a decision about going to college, I was too afraid to go the art route.


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