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Use the link below to share a full-text version of this article with your friends and colleagues. Learn more. Greater exposure to father absence was strongly associated with elevated risk for early sexual activity and adolescent pregnancy.

Violence and unsafe sexual practices in adolescents under 15 years of age. METHODS: Cross-sectional observational study of sexually active adolescents under the age of 15 seen at a public outpatient gynecology clinic. Data were collected by means of semi-structured interviews personal information and data on sexualityclinical examination, and laboratory tests for diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections.

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The data used in the current research are protected by the Municipal Health Service of Rotterdam. Data are available under request of the authors who may be contacted at any time or under request of Petra van de Looij-Jansen, who is the data manager of Municipal Health Service of Rotterdam. Petra van de Looij-Jansen can be found via e-mail: ln. To assess the prospective associations of physical activity behaviors and screen time with early sexual intercourse initiation i.

Teens who start having sex significantly earlier than their peers also show higher rates of delinquency in later years, new research shows. A national study of more than 7, youth found that adolescents who had sex early showed a 20 percent increase in delinquent acts one year later compared to those whose first sexual experience occurred at the average age for their school. In contrast, those teens who waited longer than average to have sex had delinquency rates 50 percent lower a year later compared to average teens.

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Self-esteem plays an apparent role in the loss of virginity among adolescents, according to a study by researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine published in the April issue of Pediatrics. Self-esteem had opposite effects on young girls and young boys. Young girls with high self-esteem were less likely to engage in early sexual activity, while young boys with high self-esteem were more likely to report being sexually active.

December Jean Jones not her real name spent most of her childhood and early teens at a home for children. At 15, she got lucky and went to live with relatives. At 16, however, she had a son, discovered that she had HIV, and that her relatives no longer wanted her around.

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Screening in women who experienced early sexual intercourse or have been victims of sexual abuse. National Cervical Screening Program: Guidelines for the management of screen-detected abnormalities, screening in specific populations and investigation of abnormal vaginal bleeding. Sydney: Cancer Council Australia.

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Every couple of years, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention asks middle and high school students to fill out surveys in class for the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System. If students are sexually active, it asks for the age of first sexual intercourse, which is an important milestone. From a public health point of view, sexual intercourse initiates young people into certain kinds of risk, notably pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection.


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