Scars with liquid latex

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After face painting for nearly ten years at music festivals, I have created more Darth Mauls and Spidermans than I care to count. Working with organized zombie walks and convention panels, I have also made a fair few realistic injuries. From butterflies to 'braaaaains', the quality and type of makeup you use can make or break a costume.

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As I mentioned in that post, I will be posting more SFX content with basic tutorials for beginners and new techniques that I learn and more advanced looks or more specialised looks that I create that incorporate more than one basic skill. An example of that is my Joker Mouth Tutorial for Halloween. This post is on a medium called Scar Wax and this can also just be called Special Effects Wax or various other names depending on the brand.

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Pour a drop or two of latex on the palette. Use a small bit of runny blood colouring to tint it so that it doesn't have that strange yellow latex colour when dry. It is important for sanitary reasons that you don't dip your brushes into product while it's in the bottle, but instead to dispense it onto a palette or styrofoam or plastic plate.

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Receive our email newsletters on our latest deals and products. You can unsubscribe any time. Why not freak out your friends with the help of some scary scars from the special effects experts at Smiffys?

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With the right products and tools, there are so many creepy and crazy Halloween looks that you can create. But whether you've never tried your hand with special effects products, or just waited until the last minute to choose your costume, there are still ways to achieve special-effects Halloween looks with makeup you probably already own. Because even though I always think it would be cool to become more comfortable with molding scar wax and slinging around scab blood, I just don't use SFX makeup enough or decide on my Halloween costume early enough to try to incorporate it into my Halloween looks.

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You remember how ghoulish the dancers were in the most famous music video of all time, "Thriller" with Michael Jackson, and how horrific Linda Blair's face appeared so realistically scarred in the movie, The Exorcist? It's remarkable how Hollywood special effects FX makeup artists create such realistic looking scars on actors for videos and movies. You may want to scare your friends at your next Halloween party, or for a stage play at your local theater.

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Show less Whether you want to create wrinkles, scrapes, scars, or try out zombie and fantasy looks, latex makeup is the way to go! Before you start on your masterpiece, take a second to plan your look.

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If you want to make a fake scar or wound for Halloween or to just freak your friends out, you can do so with household products and makeup. You can also use stage makeup which is designed for such a purpose. Using the right supplies, you can easily make a fake wound to bring your costume to a whole new level.

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When my girlfriend dumped me I found hobbies to busy myself in Sadly enough, making latex scars was one of them. I am not experienced in any way, this is how I do them, they don't look amazing but some of them turn out quite realistic.


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